Sara Rohale Asghar

"Sara Rohale Asghar" The philosophy at S.R.A. is to create clothes which are unique, have individuality and have market viability.


The objective is to amplify and enhance one’s personality while maintaining traditional grandeur. Sara Rohale Asghar’s signature style is the embellishments and the embroideries which have a lot of detailing, style and grandeur. The colour palettes are unique and there is a lot of color mixing as well.

There is a lot of focus on the motifs and patterns that are put on the garment, we try and give as much variation as possible in the placements of the embroideries and embellishments to give every garment an exclusive look.

Blending originality, trend and novelty yet being closely knitted to our cultural roots, S.R.A offers a range of clothing line from luxury pret to bridals which are timeless and a treat to the eye.

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