Mina Hasan

"Mina Hasan" is a brand characterized by beauty, glamour and elegance.


As the daughter of Madam Noor Jehan, Mina started the brand inspired by her mother and her style. It slowly evolved itself for the modern and confident woman, and took on a personal touch which now makes Mina Hasan outfits stand out.

Mina Hasan’s holistic design philosophy is to create clothes which are more than anything just beautiful. Unapologetically regal, her richly ornate clothes exude an aura of splendour and luxury. Classic silhouettes and fine embroidery are integrated with a myriad of colours and styles to make each piece unique. Personally, clothes are just one aspect of style – it is the general sense of style that Mina promotes – which doesn’t just come from donning a beautiful outfit but also carrying it with grace and femininity.

Based in Karachi, Mina started a design house in 2002 for a niche of haute couture clients, but has expanded to include a prêt-à-porter line that is now available on an international dimension.

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