Maheen Khan

For Pakistan’s Coco Chanel, Maheen , fashion is a lifestyle, her lifestyle. As the very foundation of Pakistan’s fashion history and as a young woman entrepreneur in the 70s she has designed through the country’s best and worst times, always staying on top of her game, devoted to her industry. A true leader, the "mother" of fashion, she is a living institution.


Pakistan's first Fashion Designer and the principal force behind the formation of "Fashion Pakistan Council."

In 2007 she created edgy ‘GULABO’ Inspired by the people’s folk visual art - ‘Truck Art’ and the Pakistani love for color.

From academia to dressing leaders, Maheen has lectured at Design institutes in Singapore and across Pakistan and created Benazir Bhutto’s signature look of white head scarf and green top, to the revival of forgotten embroidery techniques her scope of impact has been pivotal throughout the history of Pakistani fashion.

And she continues today to design, lead, inspire, motivate and mentor.

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