FNK Asia

"FNK Asia" Armed with a professional degree in marketing, Huma was the force that carried her husband, Amir Adnan’s label to rising new heights. The House of Amir Adnan grew from strength to strength and in 2005, Huma stepped into fashion designing with her own brand, FnkAsia.


Stemming from an inspirational trip to Italy where street fashion can be seen at its very best, Huma launched FnkAsia with the determination to give Asian women a brand that could represent urban chic ready to wear. Mixing traditional crafts with contemporary cuts, she gave her brand a very distinct signature and FnkAsia rose as a name that became synonymous with colour, craft and style.


FnkAsia is the first fashion brand in Pakistan to have picked up massive following via flagship stores in all major cities. Its popularity eventually spilled over to Dubai, USA and India. Today the label also caters to a private celebrity clientele worldwide.

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